jumbo joe’s dad everybody

i wouldn’t expect anything else

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how i show my affections: fucking score a fucking goal you motherfucking fucks
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07/22/14 - Joe Panik scores his first career home run at Nationals Park

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Panik is having himself a night.

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chefbanana88 sent me this earlier. I have no idea where it originated from but credit to the owner and many thanks for this huge laugh! =P

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I’m not trying to reinvent myself. People look at it more as a reinvention because my stuff isn’t the same, but it’s a learning game.
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Eddie nominates Luongo to do the ALS ice bucket challenge in his sleep.  x

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# i cant breathe   



Panda smells a panda. The result is apparently unpleasant. 

I love our Panda!

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Can’t really argue with this…

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