I have officially seen the cutest thing in the whole world, nothing can beat this!
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Giants’ ace Tim Lincecum is a star on the West Coast. Fans flock to see him. They want to take pictures with him, get autographs from him and shake his hand. 

Recently, he had the chance to meet a young fan who has his same last name. Well, kinda. Tim Lincecum, meet Lincy Kim. Yes, Lincy Kim is her real name. No, we’re not entirely sure if she was named after Tim Lincecum. Nonetheless, this is pretty neat and equally as rare.

#BabyFistBump =P

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This baseball hitting Andrew Susac in the ass is the best play the #Giants have made all night. [Vine via Grant Brisbee (

That looked unpleasant. Poor Andrew.

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# dat ass   

First things First, I’m the cutest….say hello to Timmy’s youngest (and most adorable ) fan

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moodboard + san jose sharks (insp)

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God dammit. The Colorado Rockies can literally do nothing right. They gave out 15,000 free Troy Tulowitzki jerseys at the game yesterday BUT SPELLED THE FUCKING NAME WRONG.

I cannot believe how incompetent and idiotic these people are.
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snypequist asked: young Joe Thornton or dad-like Joe Thornton

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2k14 giants: broken second basemen’s

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