I was there.

It wasn’t spectacular, but he survived.  Small steps, I suppose, but he’ll obviously need to do better in the future.  I was on the edge of my seat whispering things between my hands, swearing under my breath because a small child was next to me when Tim thru a scud, violently whipping my head when Tim didn’t hit his spots.  He doesn’t make this easy on any of us.

I’m not sure that Tim “relaxed” because it was a lowkey low-stress situation [that big of a cushion can also be a bit of a bad thing], or if he would’ve struggled regardless [given his pitching trends as of late… probably] … but it’s "good" that today was the day Boch sent him back out there.  Boch likely would’ve kept Tim in there until… well I guess the lead was lost or about to be lost - that was Tim’s time to get back into gear. This is your time & we’re not going to send anyone else out to warm up.  Go.

This won’t be the last of his appearances from the pen.  & the fanbase… ugh… I teared up.  People still have faith in their little guy.  They cheered for Tim & chanted his name as he ran out to warm up, & even louder when he sprinted to the mound.  It was… very inspiring.  I’m so used to heavily invested militant internet sports fandom that… I forget that not everyone’s jaded. These fans in the seats, they recognize that… it’s painful to see their favorite athlete spiral further into a funk.  They chanted Tim’s name; they reassured him that they still love him & believe in him regardless.  It was a very baseball-esque moment… & why I really love the game.  & why I really love Tim Lincecum.

to hear this warms my heart. dude is so loved.

also this is totally irrelevant but I went to the game on Saturday and before Affeldt was even on the field, the people behind me were like “why don’t they bring out Timmy? just for fun. they should bring out Timmy. just bring him on out.”

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A masterpiece like Peavy’s needs some defensive gems like these. 

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Brandon Crawford’s arm strength is ungodly. 

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8/29/14 - The San Francisco Giants defeat the Milwaukee Brewers 13-2 at AT&T Park.

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talk shit about matt nieto and i will end your life

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Angel Pagan being Angel. It’s been a good string of games at home.

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Michael Morse is his own best friend

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when you’re team is losing so badly but you refuse to turn the game off


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Congratulations Yusmeiro Petit on setting the new Major League record with 46 consecutive batters retired.

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